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Author: Kaylee Sanders

Communicating with Your Baby

Communicating with your baby is essential. Almost all animals communicate whether it is verbal or nonverbal. Babies react to your mood, so it is best that you always on your good mood if you are dealing with your baby. When you feel anxious your baby feels it too.

Your baby reflects what he or she feels from you. It is important that you manage your feelings when you are with your baby.

You should always keep in mind that the baby’s first needs are food, warmth, safety and love. It should be your utmost priority to make sure your child should have the best start of their life. If you feel sad or any negative feeling, it will make you less loving towards your child. This may be a sign of post-natal depression; you should seek professional help.

The following are the things to be done to communicate properly to your baby:

Eye Contact

Try to check if your child engages in eye to eye contact with you. It may not be able to see weeks after birth, but it is already aware of your face. As your baby matures, he or she will be able to recognize mommy and daddy. Once that baby will be able to that, the baby will not want to be with anybody else and will fuzz and cry if passed to others.

This is the way of the baby communicating that he or she does not recognize the person. As the baby gets older, the baby will be able to follow you and look at you and make sure everything is as it should be. Looking on your infant’s eyes brings a special king of joy especially knowing that your baby completely trusts you and love that they feel safe in your arms.

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Baby is looking at the parents faces, and the baby is looking back. Babies usually makes a lot of noise and the parents copy these noises. The baby will soon learn that the parents are copying what he does and the baby will imitate the things they do.

Multiple Sports: Why Should Youths Do It?

Should you play one sport all the way or you need to do other ones? That is a hot debate today specially for young athletes. Well, many youths today specialize on one game only with spots club they have in their schools.

But according to experts, according to their research that athletes should participate in multiple sports. For some reasons it benefits the athlete.

Here are the reasons why youth athletes should participate in multiple sports:

Different Experiences

Youth athletes that focuses on the same game has the same team, teammates and coach. Playing with a new game, with a new coach and new teammates gives you a broad experience. This will make you experience other scenarios, plays and techniques that you can pick up and apply to the other sports you are involved in. Like choosing the right promo codes for online casino, it is important that it has variety, you can access it here, to get a variety of promo bonus codes.

With youths the many scenario they are exposed the better. The things they will learn will help them make better decisions when they get older.

Keep Options Open

There is a saying that it is not good to put your eggs in one basket, well this is basically my point. When you diversify the sports you engage in, you have back up plan in case something happens to your first choice. Diversifying lets you develop many skills that you can use. So, keeping your options open is a good benefit of engaging in multiple sports.

Reduce Injury

Engaging in multiple sports makes you less prone to injuries this true because the different activities you engage in makes your body experience different impacts to it. These experiences make the body ready thus, making you less prone to injuries.

Risks of Specializing

When you focus or specialize in one sport, you limit your athletic development and limit your mental toughness. So, it is very encourage that you do multiple sports as long as you are still young.

San Antonio Spurs a Symbol of Consistency in NBA

The Spurs is model team that is being emulated league wide. It was because they have the one of the greatest coaches of the NBA today, Greg Popovich. The Spurs is a face of consistency in the NBA as they 22 consecutive playoff appearances, this is an amazing feat.

It is very rare phenomenon that a small team in terms of scale has 5 championships under one coach tenure. The Spurs is a combination of smart people in the front office and with the luck of having a number one pick in Duncan. Another rare occurrence is full list of bonuses here in Betmeiser that you can use on your favorite online casino.

Since Duncan was drafted the Spurs went from a non-playoff team to a title contender team. Duncan was paired with “the admiral” David Robinson and paired up as the “twin tower” of the San Antonio Spurs.

With Robinson retired, the torch was passed to Duncan. Duncan carried the Spurs, with the addition of a young point guard then in Parker. The big three was completed with the addition of Ginobili. These 3 brought the Spurs more championships totaling of 5 rings.

The Spurs is a team the believe in players development. They are very keen in finding gems in the draft. Parker was round 1 pick 28 and yet he is one of the greatest point guard that played the game.

Another great example is Ginobili, he was pick 57 of round 2 and look how Manu evolved as a player in the NBA. The “big three” played from 2002 – 2016 and they have become the greatest trio of NBA with 541 wins.

Another gem that the Spurs acquired was Leonard, drafted round one, pick 15. He was initially thought as the future face of the Spurs when the “big three” retired. Unfortunately, things went sour between the two parties and ended up Kawhi requesting for a trade.

Onward to the Future

Now this consistency is in jeopardy because the Spurs right now is not making the cut though it is early in the season because we are halfway. And if you are betting on this team on your favorite betting site you can check the odds of Spurs winning in this site’s homepage.

But who knows, the only we weapon they have right now is that they have the greatest mind and coach of the NBA right now. In Pop we trust!