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Communicating with Your Baby

Communicating with your baby is essential. Almost all animals communicate whether it is verbal or nonverbal. Babies react to your mood, so it is best that you always on your good mood if you are dealing with your baby. When you feel anxious your baby feels it too.

Your baby reflects what he or she feels from you. It is important that you manage your feelings when you are with your baby.

You should always keep in mind that the baby’s first needs are food, warmth, safety and love. It should be your utmost priority to make sure your child should have the best start of their life. If you feel sad or any negative feeling, it will make you less loving towards your child. This may be a sign of post-natal depression; you should seek professional help.

The following are the things to be done to communicate properly to your baby:

Eye Contact

Try to check if your child engages in eye to eye contact with you. It may not be able to see weeks after birth, but it is already aware of your face. As your baby matures, he or she will be able to recognize mommy and daddy. Once that baby will be able to that, the baby will not want to be with anybody else and will fuzz and cry if passed to others.

This is the way of the baby communicating that he or she does not recognize the person. As the baby gets older, the baby will be able to follow you and look at you and make sure everything is as it should be. Looking on your infant’s eyes brings a special king of joy especially knowing that your baby completely trusts you and love that they feel safe in your arms.

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Baby is looking at the parents faces, and the baby is looking back. Babies usually makes a lot of noise and the parents copy these noises. The baby will soon learn that the parents are copying what he does and the baby will imitate the things they do.